Temporary ID’s

Tabi Patterson, Staff Reporter

Have you ever walked the halls of Bailey Jr. High and seen students wearing big, red stickers on the front of their shirt? Red stickers serve as a temporary ID when a student forgets or loses theirs. These temporary ID’s are also your ticket to lunch D-hall, the main consequence of forgetting your ID. Sometimes you have to purchase a new ID. Is it fair to punish kids for having a bad memory or not being able to afford an ID?

Every morning about 60 students line up by the office waiting to be assigned lunch D-hall and given a fat, red temporary ID sticker. Some of these students stand in that line every day, but some only visit there every once-in-a-while. Maggie Finicum, a seventh grade at Bailey, states, “If they keep forgetting their ID, then they should be punished with something more.” Maggie has a point. Some students go to lunch D-hall every day because they enjoy the quiet environment. “Then we have kids who honestly don’t care if they’re not in the lunch room. It’s not important to them. I guess it depends on the student,” Mrs. Benavides shares. Some students enjoy lunch D-hall, while others go once and never forget their ID again.

Many students don’t understand the importance of having their ID at school. “I’m pretty sure it’s so teachers and administration can tell what grade you are in,” Lia Persichitte guesses. She is not completely wrong. “It is so everyone in the building can identify you. Everyone has an ID; students, teachers, admin, everyone. It’s for safety reasons,” Mrs. Benavides states. This is also the reason you have to purchase a new ID. ID’s cost 5 dollars, some students think that’s a bit much. “ID’s should cost 2-3 dollars, but 5! That’s a lot,” Maggie Finicum declares. ”It’s just a piece of plastic and some string.”

While some students think lunch D-hall and temporary ID’s are a terrible idea, others agree with the decision. Whether or not you agree with wearing ID’s or receiving punishment for forgetting it, we can all agree that the added safety they provide is welcomed.