Using technology as an educational tool


Ms. Holder

Grace H. uses a laptop in yearbook class.

Grace Herbert, Staff Reporter


Teenagers use technology 24/7 in our everyday life. However, when students first step foot into school they lose the privilege of using technology. Phones could be beneficial as an educational tool in school.

There are some teachers who allow their students to use technology for an educational tool. “There are so many amazing websites and apps now that kids can use, instead of having to do everything on pencil and paper,” Mrs. Teck states. She also thinks “using technology will make students be more willing to do work.”

As a student at Bailey Junior High, Tabi says “I feel I learn without technology because I feel I get too distracted on technology.” As a teacher who doesn’t really like students using our own technology, Mr. Loudermilk states “I only allow students to use Chromebooks because if they used their technology they would be tempted to text, Skype, or be on anything their not supposed to be on during class.”

In conclusion, technology in class is and isn’t for some teachers. Students honestly believe that they get distracted, but it helps them have more fun in class.